Lunch Menu



Small Plates



                           Roasted Tomatoes | Speck | Basil Oil | Pistachio Dust                       


Smoked Salmon Napoleon

  Caper Berries | Chive Crema | Horseradish


Black Mission Figs

            Whipped Mascarpone | White Truffle Honey | Crushed Hazelnuts


Maryland Crab Cakes

Mixed field greens |Remulade


Shrimp Cocktail

Spicy Cocktail Sauce|Arugula




Lobster Bisque

Crème Fraiche | Chives


French Onion Gratinee

Soup Du Jour
Chef's Daily Choice





Artisan Romaine | Garlic Croutons | Parmesan Reggiano



Baby Iceberg | Roasted Tomatoes | Local Bacon | Danish Blue


Warm Hazelnut Crusted Goat Cheese

 Greens | Honeyed Chevre | White Balsamic 


Field Greens

 Roasted Tomatoes | Cucumber | White Balsamic

restaurant and bar. indoor and outdoor seating. fine dining, outdoor dining available 



Vegetable Risotto 

Arborio Rice | Parmesan Reggiano | Seasonal Vegetables

Rigatoni Bolognese 

Veal Bolognese| Parmesan Crisp 



Brasserie Burger

Bacon Jam | Cheddar |  House Pickles | Pomme Frites



 Baby Spinach |Orange |Spicy Walnuts |White Balsamic Dressing


Chicken Sandwich

                                    Black Sesame Roll| Roasted Tomatoes|Basil aioli|

                                                    Pomme Frittes Or Salad


Sourdough Panini

                               Aged Cheddar | Bacon|Tomatoes|Pomme Frites Or Salad


 Wrap Of The Day

Chef's Daily Prep|Pomme Frites Or Salad




Please inform your server of any allergies or dietary restrictions.

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